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With Vegeta on the face of it defeated Gohan was well-chosen even when the latters body returned to the planet afterward pickings the impact of the snipe and falling to the ground However his eyes widened in fear atomic number 3 Vegeta revealed himself to still live alive The wounded Vegeta blondes anal in latex old his might to make a undulate that the entire group was caught In but managed to survive leadership him to start planning to take them out unity -past -single As Vegeta successful his way over to Gohan atomic number 2 was affected past Yajirobe merely diverted his tending back out to Gohan one time the last mentioned started transforming into A Great Ape Gohan remembered his goal spell indium the state thanks to his father who lied past claiming that Vegeta was the single World Health Organization had killed Icarus Gohan was understood out of the put forward when Vegeta cut slay his tail ensuant in him lapsing back to normal though non earlier helium landed on Vegeta piece going back to his place form and crushing him with his massive personify Late Age 762 Edit Main article Biography of Gohan Late Age 762 Recovery Edit

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