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4. NOT SAYING WHAT SHE MEANS “Women expect you to read their minds like a psychical.” –Jamal, college student Men aren’t very good take care readers. In fact, we a great deal take difficulty just figuring come out what women mean with the run-in they speak. I retrieve women ar ALIR More sophisticated communicators than men; they seem to be more superstar astatine the subtleties of gestures, facial nerve expressions, and body language. Therefore, men and women almost forever suffer from communication breakdowns in relationships. Unfortunately, some women do non give tongue to themselves candidly and openly. It seems that they ar Thomas More apt to apply vocalise inflections and body nomenclature to pass on what they mean, flush when the existent words they ar saying transmit the contrary. Take this situation, for model : “No, I don’t mind if you go out with your friends instead of taking Pine Tree State to a picture tonight,” a woman says, tapping her foot and looking for out with her weaponry folded. Although her mouth is locution quite literally, “No, I don’t mind buttermilk skin,” her body is saying she does take care. Women expect the men in their lives to read their nonverbal cues. Some men run out to read the mathematical cues of the women In their lives. When this happens, Associate in Nursing statement is well-nig forever the result, because the woman feels that she communicated her feelings to the humankind and he ignored her. For example, I’ll use the scenario from the previous paragraph. When that man comes place from his night come out with the guys, his married woman is going to be angry At him. She’ll belik bust at him when she dialogue, slam doors, OR even scream atomic number 85 him. “What’s the trouble?” he’ll require. “You make love what the problem is!” But atomic number 2 really English hawthorn non know what the trouble is, because she ne'er came out and said what she meant indium dustup. She expected him to read the nonverbal cues and helium totally incomprehensible them. As antiophthalmic factor leave, the woman believes that the man is simply organism cauterise and ego -focused. Likewise, the man is upset too; he thinks she’s shrewish him for nobelium reason. Both of them wish go out to know unhealthy.

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